Remember Your Oil Change with Us at Ed Koehn Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram!

There are many different elements that go into keeping your vehicle in pristine condition. One service, in particular, that is a necessity is an oil change. Oil changes can affect your vehicle’s performance in a variety of ways. For the quality of your vehicle’s engine, it is ideal to follow the recommended intervals so the dirt and other debris can get removed and ensure that the engine is running in a sufficient manner. If you do not get oil changes when advised, the built up debris can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance by enabling the engine to work harder, thus getting hotter and your vehicle can lose some of its fuel efficiency. If the engine is clogged by the lodged debris, your engine may become too hot over time and can potentially cause problems or repairs at a later date that you may not want to encounter.

This may not sound like the ideal situation to get in. To help prevent your engine from overheating and working harder than it should, remember your routine oil changes with us at Ed Koehn Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Greenville, MI.

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