How to Stretch Your Gas Mileage in a Dodge Durango

As you may know, Dodge builds performance into its popular Durango sport utility vehicle. We love this medium-size model's diverse facets at Ed Koehn Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. For example, it looks powerful on our Greenville, MI lot, but we want to share an unexpected Durango facet with you today. You can manage your Dodge Durango's fuel efficiency by manually selecting your shift points.

This model includes an automatic transmission that lets you assume control. You can use the cockpit's Sinister Shifter knob, or you can pick the ergonomically placed wheel paddles. Manual-shift features like these let you access your Durango's full horsepower, but they also enable a lower-RPM gear-shifting style that stretches fuel.

The Dodge Durango line's engines also help it operate efficiently. With computer-aided design, Dodge built power plants that recycle heat. Additionally, the automakers' team engineered variable valve timing into these internal-combustion machines. Those aspects combine to help Durango's standard engine travel more than 600 highway miles between fuel stops.

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