Road Hazard Protection for Tires & Wheels

Your Chrysler dealership has the protection of your car in mind. And not only the powertrain mechanisms like the engine. It wants to make sure your drivetrain equipment is maintained as well. In particular, your wheels and tires. Without those, your vehicle is not going anywhere.

Thai’s why the company has teamed with Mopar to create a comprehensive wheel and tire program that protects them after encountering road hazards. Whether it's a flat or a dent in the rim, Mopar covers all costs. This includes balancing and mounting of the tire as well as replacement of original and after-market parts. All of this is done without paying an additional deductible.

There's much more to learn about this program. To do so, contact your dealership's service department for an appointment to ask further questions. When ready, sign up to relieve a bit of the pressure connected to owning and servicing a vehicle.


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