Platinum Plus


Enroll Your Vehicle in Platinum Plus Protection

If your current manufacturer warranty has expired and you get into an accident that damages the transmission or engine of your car, it can be quite expensive to replace. For this reason, our dealership is happy to bring the option of an extended warranty enrollment to Greenville, MI, drivers. Check out Platinum Plus Protection.

What is Platinum Plus?

Platinum Plus Protection is a type of extended warranty that functions like a database. Instead of functioning as a standard provider, Platinum Plus works by taking your vehicular information and sharing it with their comprehensive list of car warranty partners. By doing this, quotes are generated much faster and allows Grand Rapids drivers the possibility of receiving a much cheaper one.

What Does Platinum Plus Cover?

Since Platinum Plus functions differently from other warranty providers, there isn't an official list of coverage options available. However, the warranty options included within the database are extensive, including roadside assistance, engine, parts, and even electrical coverage.

For Wyoming, MI, drivers looking for warranty car coverage options, here's a list of the most common ones:

  • Powertrain Coverage - covering the engine, transmission, drive axle, and other major parts of the vehicle
  • Bumper-to-Bumper - provides comprehensive coverage for most parts of your vehicle; check with your dealership for a full list of coverage
  • Stated Component Coverage - covers electrical, fuel, air conditioning and heating

Platinum Plus is a valuable resource for Wyoming, MI, drivers looking to secure an assortment of coverage options in a timely, budget-friendly manner.

Enroll at Our Dealership Today

If you have any additional questions about Platinum Plus or coverage in general, we invite you to our dealership. We'd love to guide you through the process of securing coverage for your vehicle today.